June 5-7 Advanced Driving & Race School Schedules, Waivers and Other Important Details For Participants - Please Read

We are very happy to be offering both our originally planned June Advanced Driving School and date adjusted BMW CCA Race School events on June 5-7th at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). It has been a long wait but CTMP and Trillium are allowed to host these events with some necessary precautions to ensure our safety. The following forms are required for participation. Please 1) Prepare you tech form by getting your car checked out by a certified mechanic, 2) Download, print, sign, and bring your waiver (or waivers for family/crew) to the track.

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Trillium Advanced Driving School at Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Trillium and Allegheny Chapters of BMW CCA will be hosting a Advanced Driving School (ADS) and BMW CCA Club Racing Time Trials at Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC) starting on Monday, September 14 To Wednesday the 16th, 2020. This is a “weekday” event.

You are invited to attend! Take a lap of the track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTgkbZ_ZJ40&feature=youtu.be

BMW Car Club of America/Trillium Chapter, Membership Reward Rebate Programme

Effective June 3, 2019, BMW Group Canada will offer a Membership Reward Rebate Programme for Trillium Chapter members based on Canadian eligibility criteria, with graduated rebate values similar to the U.S. programme. The Terms and Conditions, and rebate allowances are as follows:

Terms and Conditions:

Track Weekend Coming Up? Sponsor Garages Offering both Free and Paid Tech Inspections

All participants in Trillium BMW Club driving schools and racing schools must bring a completed tech inspection form to each event. After inspection, it must be filled and signed by a provincially licensed mechanic or equivalent in the US.

Download the Technical Inspection Form here

Any garage with a licensed mechanic can perform these inspections. Fees for the inspection vary by garage.

Gmail, you, and the club

Using Gmail as your e-mail account when communicating with the club? That's great, a lot of our members do. But please note that Gmail will occasionally tend to place e-mail into the Spam folder or on the Promotions or Social tab. If you have been looking for mail from the club in your Gmail account, please be sure to check

SA2010 Helmets - 2020 Is the Final Year

As of 2017 (TBA 2018), the minimum standard for accepted helmets at BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter driving events will be SA2010. Since SA2020 helmets do not become available until the end of the year, this is the final year we will accept SA2010 helmets. Please do not confuse M20XX with SA20XX. M is for 'M'otorcyle, not 'M'otorsport. We do not accept motorcycle (i.e. M-rated) helmets.  For more information on helmet standards, please see the web site of the Snell Memorial Foundation at http://www.smf.org/stds.