Remembering Derek: The First Annual Derek Hanson Memorial Advanced Driving School Held Aug 28-30, 2020

derek hanson

The sad news of Derek Hanson's passing on June 24th was a significant event for the Trillium Club.  Derek was a dear friend not just to me, but to the majority of our members. He was always courteous and a class act. I had great respect for him. We will all miss his leadership, inspiration and in depth knowledge of all things related to cars and racing. And most of all we will miss his smiling face, the cigar, the well known "stick" and his great sense of humour. He has long been part of Trillium and will greatly be missed. 

In honour of Derek we have renamed the second last school of 2020 the Derek Hanson Memorial Advanced Driving School that will held from Aug 28-20 (Aug 28 is the lapping day for solos and instructors). As with all organizations dealing with COVID19, Trillium is taking precautions. More details are to follow. Registration for this school can be found here:


Instructors, you will receive an email from the registrar with detailed instructions on registration.

All: Please send all questions to

Isi Papadopoulos
President, BMWCCA Trillium Chapter