SA2010 Helmets - One Year Extension by the BMWCCA to 2021 plus Other Important Info

For all Trillium HPDE and Auto Slalom events, helmets are required. Helmets must have the Snell rating “SA” followed by either 2010, 2015 or 2020. Although the SA 2010 helmets were due to expire at the end of 2020, the BMW CCA has allowed one more “grace year”, so the SA 2010 helmets will expire at the end of 2021. This rule applies to all track and competition events, i.e. HPDE, Auto Slalom and BMW CCA Club Racing.

SA 2015 helmets will expire in 2025, and SA 2020 helmets will expire in 2030. Helmets with a motorcycle rating (e.g. SM) or DOT rated helmets will not be accepted at Trillium events.  The reason we insist on “SA” rated helmets is because they are tested for fire resistance in addition to impact testing. Motorcycle helmets and DOT helmets are not tested for fire resistance.

Trillium is working on creating a bulk buy for helmets which will result in a significant discount for its members. The strategy is to offer different brands of helmets priced at different price points, so that all members can choose a helmet that fits their budget and their preference. We expect to have an announcement in early spring, well before the SA 2010 helmets expire in Dec 2021.

Whether you are buying a helmet independently or through the (yet to be announced) Trillium bulk purchase plan, make sure you try it on, and wear it for at least 15 minutes – some helmets are heavy and it takes time to realize the effect of the weight if you simply try it for only 60 seconds. Also make sure visibility is good, with visor down and up, and make sure it is comfortable all around, including the chin strap.

For more information on helmet standards, please see the web site of the Snell Memorial Foundation at