Trillium Advanced Driving School at Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Trillium and Allegheny Chapters of BMW CCA will be hosting a Advanced Driving School (ADS) and BMW CCA Club Racing Time Trials at Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC) starting on Monday, September 14 To Wednesday the 16th, 2020. This is a “weekday” event.

You are invited to attend! Take a lap of the track:

To register, you must be a member of BMW CCA (insurance requirement), Register Here!

PIRC has been significantly upgraded its track and facilities over the last 5 years and is now a “world-class” track. It offers sections which are very technical and also has several high-speed sections. BMW CCA Allegheny Chapter has supported the BMW CCA Club Race there for over 20 years, and now it’s time to share this great track with our DE students and instructors too! This track will help you round out your skills, while you have lots of fun with your Allegheny and Trillium Chapter hosts.

Monday Sept 14th will be open to Pre-Approved Solo, Instructors and advanced “A” group students (with prior approval). Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 15th and 16th are open to all levels. Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, one run group will be for the Time Trials participants. For more information on BMW CCA Time Trials, please see the bottom of this message.

If you have questions or require pre-approval to run on Monday, please contact

On Monday evening there will be a Welcome reception, and on Tuesday evening there will be a banquet or tailgate BBQ. Cost for DE participants is included, there will be a $20 cost for guests.

To register, you must be a member of BMW CCA (insurance requirement), then click on Register NOW!

    •    Tuesday/Wednesday student pricing: USD $520 (CAD $687), increases after June 1.
    •    Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday student pricing: USD $670 (CAD $886), increases after June 1.
    •    Time Trials are just USD $75 USD (CAD $100) more than the student rate.
    •    Instructors for 2 days or all 3 days: USD $100 (CAD $132)
We are working on a block of hotel rooms at reduced pricing. Once we have an agreement in place, we will update those who have registered.

Time Trials Event

BMW CCA Club Racing Time Trials (BMW-TT) events offer drivers a competitive step up from a driving school event, instructing, and Auto-X, but falls short of all out club racing. A driver can use the same car and tech preparation used during the driving school (HPDE). Extra safety equipment is always encouraged, but not required.

BMW-TT is open to Pre-Approved-Solo and “A” group students (with approval) and to all driving school instructors. Drivers can also participate from other organizations such as SCCA, NASA and PCA if they have the required driving skill. Each driver will be screened before being accepted into the run group for the necessary solo driving skills.

The art of a successful run at time trials is to find a spot on the track where you are not impeded by other traffic, and then to run your smoothest lap. Each participant tests their skills against the track, and by so doing, each time trial participant is compared to their fellow participants by using a transponder on each car. It is you against the clock. Typically, drivers get 4 sessions per day. Time Trial cars are gridded by time in the previous session and are assigned a specific grid position. It’s all about your single fastest lap in a session. Typically, there will be three basic car classifications at BMW-TT events: M car, Non-M car and Non-BMW.

The event might have a sub classification of Street tires vs R-Compound tires. The goal is to keep classes to a very basic set, and encourage fun rather than too much competition. Note: BMW chassis cars with non-BMW motor will be placed in a Non-BMW class. AMB/ MyLaps TranX260 or X2 transponders are required to run in a BMW-TT event. Transponder rentals should be available if the driver does not own one.

We hope to see you there