Message from the President

As another COVID infested year comes to an end, we find ourselves full of hope that 2022 will be a normal year. In the past 18 months, our activities have been severely curtailed, with the majority of them being cancelled. We did manage to hold some track events and some auto slalom events – all outdoors with social distancing. And SIM racing too!

For 2022, we plan a year of normal activities, to include social gatherings, driving tours, wine tour, Street Survival School, fun rally, car shows, driving schools (six of them), auto slalom (also six), race school, time trials, BMW CCA Club Race weekend, BMW Corral at IMSA race, Christmas social and dinner, SIM racing, and meetings at partner locations. Let’s all pray for a speedy end to this pandemic!

I wish to thank the large number of you who have supported me in the last five years in my numerous surgeries, chemo and radiation resulting from my scrap with cancer. Twenty-six years ago, I had joined the Club for the cars, but the Club quickly became about all the great people who have since become my friends, and also the cars. And your recent support has shown me what great friends I have!

I will not be running for the Board in the current election, and this means I will no longer be Club President. After many years leading your Club, I am leaving it in great shape, with a healthy bank account, a very capable management team and Board and many new business processes in place which enable the Club to function effectively. I will however stay on as director of driving events and co-chief instructor and I will continue to organize the track events and Street Survival schools, if all of you and the Board will have me.

Which brings us to the current election. This Club is YOUR CLUB, and is run in a democratic fashion. Each member gets a vote. The current Board’s term expires at the end of this year, and there is currently an election underway for the Board. PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR MEMBERSHIP RIGHT AND VOTE. The process is easy and online. You must be a current paid up member to vote. You will vote for up to seven Board members (there are eight running), and once the new Board is elected, they will vote for the 2022-23 executive.

VOTING ENDS NOVEMBER 19TH! To vote, click on the following link:

On the referenced page, biographies for all candidates are given.

With all the activities that are planned for 2022, the Club needs YOU! The club is run entirely by volunteers, and the seven Board members can do only so much. With all the planned activities, we require more members to step up and work with the Board to take on some of these tasks. Please consider giving some of your time to help out.


Isi Papadopoulos