Advanced Solo Lapping during Club Race Weekend (Aug 2018)

Event is open to Pre-Approved Solo Drivers and Instructors only

The BMW CCA Club Race in 2018 is scheduled for August 3-5 and will include the opportunity for Advanced Solo Lappers and Instructors to enjoy a weekend of open passing at CTMP. In addition, there will be an opportunity for drivers to sign up for the Thursday, August 2 Test and Tune day.

The Test and Tune Day will be divided into two groups—those with laptimes of 1 min 30 or less and those over. It will be run in 30 minute sessions to ensure sufficent track time per session. Combined with the Race weekend, you will be sure to get a tremendous amount of track time.

Approximate Time allotted to Advanced Solo Lappers (by date):

Date Time
Thursday, Aug 2 (Test & Tune Day) 200 minutes
Friday, Aug 3 95 minutes
Saturday, Aug 4 105 minutes
Sunday, Aug 5 145 minutes

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Image Credit: BMW CCA Club Racing