Thanks for Attending our Last Summer Social of 2018

On Tuesday August 28th, Trillium members enjoyed a social hosted by 11Tenths Racecraft.  Guest speaker Franz Walker from Liquimoly gave us a presentation on their new line of race motor oil and discussed the details of the viscosities between 5W40 and new 0W20 for BMW’s current line-ups.

Afterwards, BMW Canada showcased a G30 540i M Performance & F32 440i M and discussed the value and benefits of Original BMW and MINI Parts, along with M Performance and BMW Motorsport parts.

Trillilum members also got to try the professional Racing Simulator and check out a variety of performance and motorsport products on display in the 11Tenths showroom.

Thanks very much to our hosts Kaizer and Randy!

Just a reminder for those looking for 11Tenths

Enter Silver Star Blvd from Midland Rd
Enter plaza at the end of the long straight driveway
11Tenths is unit #117, the last unit on the right

Map courtesy of Google