Q & A: Renew a membership? Sign up for a driving school? Become a new member?

This is the club's Q&A page meant to answer questions about the club's web site.  Please make sure you fully understand all policies on membership and events before signing up.

CCA Renewal / Trillium Renewal? CCA Membership Renewal Warnings? What should I do?
Members, please renew on the Trillium web site, not/not the CCA web site. Currently the two systems (Trillium and CCA) are not/not electronically linked. Work is done manually to rectify records between the two organizations.  Since Trillium does not have full time access to the member database on CCA's site it may take up to one month to determine your membership status at the CCA when they send us a monthly report. This delay may cause you to miss deadlines for signups. For the time being, for membership renewal, use the Trillium site and Trillium will notify the CCA of your renewal.

When should I renew?
You can renew anytime. Please note that, by default, one-year memberships end on Dec 10. Advanced driving schools for the coming year are not posted until after Dec 10 of the previous year (e.g. 2019 driving school signups will be posted after Dec 10, 2018). 

Rolling vs. Year-end Expiry & Multi-year Membership
In the past the club used rolling memberships whereby you would get 1 year of membership from the time of purchase. This has now changed to end of year expiry. All 1 year memberships (including Associates and Family members) will expire on Dec 10 of each year.

The club now offers discounts on multi-year memberships lowering the annual cost of being a member of Trillium BMW. A multi-year membership expires on Dec 10 the year (or years) after the year you sign up. For example, if one puchases a 3-year membership on Dec 29, 2016 it will expire on Dec 10, 2019.

Haven't Logged In Or Renew For Three Years+?
Tried to login but got an error about your account not existing? On the homepage of this site, on the right side, in the LOGIN box, note the text 'Request New Password'. Click on it and you will be prompted for an email address. Enter your email address and a link to reset your password will be sent to this address. If the email address does not exists on our web site, it means you do not have an account using that email address. Please create a new membership account or contact the membership secretary for help. The club does not keep inactive accounts forever.

Membership Numbers
The club issues member numbers up to 30 days after digital registration. If you have a number you would like to keep, contact the membership secretary and we'll see what we can do. If you are an Associate Member, you will be assigned a Trillium membership number in order to use the web site.

Accessing your membership number

  1. Login to the web site
  2. On the homepage, on the right side, note the box YOUR ACCOUNT
  3. Click on your name
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see New Membership Number. That is your membership number.

Accessing your membership status (Did my membership expire)

  1. Login to the web site
  2. On the homepage, on the right side, note the box YOUR ACCOUNT
  3. Click on your name
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on View Membership Expiry & Attendend Events.

My membership expired. I renewed it but when I went back to sign up for driving school the website says "Access Denied" / I renewed my membership but can't sign up for events. The website says "Access Denied"
Take these steps to correct the problem

  1. After renewing your membership. Logout. Clear the cache of your browser.
  2. Now log back in. You should be able to access all events.
  3. Still can't access events? Contact membership for help at membership@trilliumbmwclub.ca

I'm an instructor. How come I cannot register for Instructor events?
If you are an instructor and after logging in all Instructor events disappear, it means you are not yet placed in the instructor group. Please contact the membership secretary to be placed in the membership group.

I have another question regarding membership?
Please contact the membership secretary for help. Thanks.