Trillium BMW COVID Policy (April 2022)

The Club's Management Board has discussed the recommendations from the COVID Advisory Committee and the Drivers Events Committee (DEC).  It is noted that the recommendations from both groups were aligned and that only a determination was required on the definition of "fully vaccinated".
The following has been accepted by the Board
1. Trillium will not mandate that participants must be fully vaccinated to attend the ADS (Advanced Driving School), but it is recommended.  Fully vaccinated is defined in accordance with government's guidelines in effect at the time of the ADS event and accordingly is subject to change.  As of the date of this email, fully vaccinated means 2 vaccine doses of Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zeneca OR 1 vaccine dose of Janssen.
2. For student and/or instructors wanting to be in-car, proof of vaccination is required from both student and instructor. Alternatively, they run in Lead-Follow format.  Residents of the same home may be co-occupants in the same car regardless of vaccination status.
3. Proof of vaccination status will be requested/required in advance of the ADS to allow the DEC time to organize the instructor/student pairings.  This functionality on MSR will need to be reinstated immediately. Students and instructors who have already registered for the April ADS will need to be contacted by the DEC to obtain their vaccination status and identify their comfort level with in-car instruction be it with a vaccinated or non-vaccinated person.
4. For classroom sessions, all participants will be permitted and all will be requested to wear masks.
5. The provincial guidelines, as well as Durham region and CTMP rules if they differ from the province’s rules will be adhered to for the ADS including the banquet on Saturday night. Currently this means all members may attend without masks. Social distancing where it makes sense is always recommended.
These rules will be in place for all 2022 events until circumstances dictate their review, given that Covid is still a fluid situation in Ontario (and around the world).  No changes in the application of these rules can be undertaken without the express confirmation of the Board.