Fun Rally to Muskoka - Navigational Rally Results

On behalf of the entire Trillium BMW Club Executive team and Board, I would like to thank Zoltan and Anna Maria for doing all the work to organize and run the rally!
We all had a lot of fun and the roads were great as was the company! Regards, Isi


Stage 1 Winners

1st place  - Tie between the Barry & Carol Kilner team and the Laura Ruppert & Dawn Howie team
2nd place - Steve & Janice Stone
3rd place  - Mark & Michelle Tiainen

Stage 2 Winners

1st place  - Leslie and Eileen Carter
2nd place - Randy Sparre & Anita Leduc + Ron & Leanne Tokey
3rd place  - Emad Ghazipura  

Stage 3 Winnders

1st place  - Tie between the Lilla Ruppert & Peter Kostrikov and Jerry & Josie Sessa and Steve & Janice Stone teams
2nd place - Tie between the Lukasz Gilarski & Linda Lau and Leslie & Eileen Carter teams
3rd place  - Steve & Gail Gailits

Overall Winners

1st place  - Tie between the Steve & Janice Stone and Randy Sparre & Anita Leduc + Ron & Leanne Tokey teams
2nd place - Laura Ruppert & Dawn Howie
3rd place  - Lukasz Gilarski & Linda Lau

Congratulation to the winners! In general, we lucked out with the weather and I think everyone had a chance for a great drive today. Thank you for participating!



Meeting point: Town of Washago (north of Orillia, south of Gravenhurst) at Centennial Park

Map courtesy of Google