Neighbour Club Membership

Neighour Club Policy at Trillium Chapter

In general, to participate at a Trillium Chapter driving event you must be a member of the Trillium chapter club. This includes Advanced Driving School, AutoSlalom, and Go-Karts. There are exceptions to this rule:

  1. You are a member of the BMW CCA.
  2. You are a member of the BMW CC.
  3. Your club and the Trillium chapter have a reciprocal agreement regarding members attending each other's driving events.
  4. You must be a paid up member in good standing at your current club.

A Two-Step Process

  1. Click on New Neighbour Club Membership form (only for non-BMW CCA and non-BMW CC clubs). Once your data is submitted we will confirm your status with your identified Neighbour Club. Until confirmed you cannot sign up for driving events
  2. Confirmation. Once confirmed, you can sign up for Driving Events.

Please allow 1~2 weeks for processing. No matter how fast we process your application, if your club is slow to respond there is little we can do to hurry along another club. 

All members (new and existing) are encouraged to read over the club's bylaws by clicking on the link: The Trillium BMW Club By-Laws.

Welcome to the Trillium Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA)

* The Trillium Chapter reserves the right to rescind the Neighbour Club Member priviledge for any person and or club at any time without prior notice. The Neighbour Club member privilege applies to Advanced Driving School Friday and Weekend events only. The privilege granted is for neigbour club members to attend as students. Other Full or Family member privileges are not granted to Neighbour Club Members.  Neighbour Club Memberships expire on Dec 10th of each year automatically.