Trillium's First International Driving School at Pittsburg International Race Complex (PIRC) - June 6-8, 2022

For 2022 Trillium is planning to hold our first international Advanced Driving School at the Pittsburg International Race Complex (PIRC) in Wampum, Pennsilvania (roughly 70 km northwest of Pittsburg) on June 6 - 8, 2022 (note this is Monday to Wednesday event). We will hold this event in conjunction with fellow BMW CCA chapters Genesee Valley and Alleghany. PIRC is a 4.47 km long track, rougly half a kilometer longer than Mosport, that includes a total of 19 turns. Originally constructed in 2002, the track was extended by almost 2 km in 2015 and repaved in 2017. PIRC (also referred to as 'PittRace') holds the SCCA, NASA, and MotoAmerica Championship race series annually. PIRC is a FIM Grade 1 track. Grade 1 is the highest grade level given by the the FIA. To learn more about Pittrace, visit their web site to see more details ( To travel a lap of PittRace, see

In order for us to secure the dates, we require you to commit with a USD $100 deposit.

Please deposit NOW so we can commit to the track.

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By paying the $100 USD deposit now, you are helping Trillium, Genesee Valley and Allegheny Chapters of BMW CCA to assess how many drivers will commit - following this early registration period, we will decide if there are enough participants to make the event financially viable for the Chapters. If we have enough commitments by December 31, the Chapters will sign a contract with the track and pay a large non-refundable deposit. Once we sign the contract, your $100 deposit will be no longer be refundable. If we do not have enough commitments by December 31, the Chapters will advise the track that we will not be holding the event, and your $100 deposit will be refunded.

After the false start in 2020, we are happy to bring you the Pittsburgh event in 2022

We look forward to seeing you in 2022.


Isi Papadopoulos