Printing Your BMW CCA Trillium Membership Card

Staring in 2023 the BMW Club of America now lets members print their own membership card. Member cards will not be sent to members by post. Using the following instructions, you can print out your membership card. You will need to use your BMW CCA login, not Trillium Chapter login to access the BMW CCA website.

Step 1 โ€“ Visit and log into the website with your username and password. Click here.
Next, scroll down so that you can see the area that has the My Membership tab. Click the tab to display membership tab

Step 2 โ€“ From the My Membership tab, click on the print a membership card link. The Print Your Membership Card page will be displayed. You may select from six photos to be displayed on card. Scroll down to see them all. Click the desired photo to see the membership car preview update.

Step 3 โ€“ Click the blue Print Membership Card buJon from below the preview. Once clicked, a PDF of your card will be displayed in your browser, or downloaded. Click print from your browser or your downloaded PDF file and select the printer you would like to use. Tip: If you lose the membership card printout, or get Dred of the photo you are using on the card, repeat these steps to print a new card.