Trillium's SIM Racing League - Call out to New and Previous Attendees for 2024

The League provides fun and friendly competition that will give you some track fun when you can't be on the real track. We welcome all Trillium Members, regardless of your sim racing experience. Our practices are hosted each Sunday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm with the races held every Monday night from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. The league is free for Trillium members, so sign up today. To participate in the Trillium BMW Sim Racing League, here are the steps you need to follow:

1) You need to be an active Trillium member
Sign up or renew your membership at

2) You need an iRacing subscription
If you’re not an iRacing subscriber yet, please do that first, here:

The one-year and two-year iRacing subscriptions provide the best value, but if you’d rather go short-term for now, you can get started with a monthly or three-month subscription.

During the iRacing sign-up process, make note of your iRacing Member ID and also dig up your BMW CCA Member number. You will need them for step 3.

3) Join the league by sending an email to We will send you a welcome email with all of the details for the league.

4) You will need to be running Discord
Most communications for the League including driver meetings and in-race chats will be held in Discord, a free online app that provides an easy way to talk over voice, video, and text within a community. Register and download the Discord app (free for your computer and/or phone) at

5) If you are new to iRacing, you need to get oriented
Do your best to get yourself oriented in iRacing in advance and at try some practice laps on your own. There is a lot of iRacing help/content on YouTube to help you get started, including this one:

How to Get Started with the iRacing user interface
6) Equipment
To participate in the league, you will need to have a basic set-up:

  • Computer that is close to the ‘mid-range system requirements’ (or better) for iRacing, as described here
  • Racing wheel and pedals installed on your PC and configured
  • Internet connection (iRacing indicates that 256 Kbps will work), but we recommend that you have a healthy Internet connection to maintain reliable connectivity and performance

If you have any questions, please email